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January 2022: Customer-Led Growth by David Jackson

Successful B2B SaaS CEOs master a powerful dynamic; the link between value to customers and revenue for their company. This book, written by someone with first hand experience, unpacks the seven principles on which a true company-wide approach to customer focus is built. Questioning many of the concepts on which B2B SaaS companies have been built, the book provides practical advice and a sprinkling of philosophy to CEOs facing the challenge of building a customer-centric, growth-focused organisation.

“Customer Success books just keep coming. And that’s a good thing because the discipline is still young and constantly changing. David Jackson has added a gem to the collection with this insightful book. I always enjoy David’s view of the world because he’s actually gotten his hands dirty on this topic and is never afraid to challenge the status quo. Definitely a valuable read.”
Dan Steinman, Chief Evangelist, Gainsight

“If you’re a SaaS CEO or Founder you need to read this book, in fact you need to read this book if you’re not a SaaS CEO but you’re interested in making your organisation more customer focussed! Dave injects new thinking into organisational design and value delivery as well as introducing some new, and sometimes radical thinking. This book will challenge what you think you already know!”
Chris Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer, Intrado

About the Author

Our author this month is David Jackson

In 2000, following a varied career in industry, academia and consulting, David founded Clicktools, one of the UK’s first SaaS companies. As CEO he led the company through continuous organically funded growth and two liquidity transactions. David is now CEO of TheCustomer.Co, which helps B2B SaaS companies profitably win, satisfy, retain and grow their chosen customers better than the competition.

David is a recognised expert in customer focused organisations and was named as a Global Top 25 Customer Success Influencer in 2020. David works with B2B SaaS CEOs, executive teams and investors to deliver profitable growth through customer focus.

Here’s what the CEO of one of David’s customers has to say about his work:

“Dave’s experience and patience have been instrumental to the maturity of our organisation. While he works directly with the CS leadership team, the insight and perspective he brings me are just as important to our success. I’m sure he’ll do wonders for your organization.”

Michal Magdziarz, CEO, Deepcrawl

In the free time he is able to scrape together, David enjoys time with his family and pursuing his interest in food and wine. He has recently taken up watercolour painting, at which he needs much practice!

Interview with the Author

Additional Content

Buy Customer-Led Growth by David Jackson from Amazon.

Dave Jackson offers a 50% discount on the Kindle edition, which will be available at £4.99 instead of £9.99 (50% discount) from 17th to 24th January.

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