Books= your chance to focus on #Personaldevelopement

“Books are your best friends, they are always giving. No Demand, no expectations!”-Anonymus or ME🙃

I have had many people in the last few weeks ask me what books I recommend for #customersuccess I figured I would just share my stash of #CS goodies that I’ve collected😉

CS-related 📚-

📍The Customer Success Professional’s Handbook **

📍The Outcome Generation

📍The Customer Success**

📍The Customer Success Economy

📍Chief Customer Officer

📍Farms Don’t Hunt**

📍The Startup Guide to Customer Success

📍Onboarding Matters

📚 that will help your #CS practices & everyday work-

📍Emotional Intelligence **

📍Emotional Intelligence 2.0**

📍Start with WHY**

📍Emotional Intelligence in Sales Success**

📍The Wisdom of Crowds

📍30 Day Leadership Playbook **

📍Atomic Habits

📍No Hard Feelings

📍Think Again**

There are many MORE out there…

** = the ones I’ve read & recommend to anyone!

Rest = I either have read part of it or have been recommended to read, on my list to complete!

Currently- I am reading The Outcome Generation by Paul Henderson & also diving into No Hard Feelings by Liz Fosslien & Mollie West Duffy

What book are you reading?

What else would you recommend on this list?