Customer experience MATTERS.

Today, having an amazing product is not enough to succeed in this competitive market. Customer experience plays a HUGE role in whether you would keep a customer o lose him to a competitor.

In fact, if I’d have to choose between having an Ok product and an incredible experience, I think I would definitely prefer that to an incredible product with a terrible experience.

Of course, if you can do both, you’re unbeatable.

The reason I’m bringing this up is my Purple mattress. I finally have my review of the mattress, and today I’m going to rate both product and experience. And I will also tell you what could’ve done better to have a 10/10.

Experience: 8/10

1. Marketing: I went online to read more about Purple, a friend of mine had recommended I took a look before making my decision. I was considering Casper instead. Watched that video I shared recently in my Linkedin newsfeed and could not believe what I saw. So, I bought the mattress without thinking in twice. The website said I had 100 days to test the mattress or return it, so I thought buying was a good idea. Took me 15 minutes to decide after I watched that video. Rating: 10/10

2. Purchasing experience: Submitted my information, everything went perfect, in no more than 3 minutes my order was submitted and I received a confirmation email saying my mattress would be delivered Saturday March 27th. Rating: 10/10

3. Waiting for my mattress to arrive: I was patiently waiting for my mattress to arrive and was surprised to see my mattress was not delivered on Saturday as promised. Remember: customer experience is all about keeping your promises. DO NOT OVERPROMISE AND UNDERDELIVER! DO NOT, I REPEAT, UNDERPROMISE AND UNDERDELIVER. My mattress got to my new home Thursday instead of Saturday. (5 days of delay). Rating: 5/10

4.  To this point, I was already kind of sad… I was having such a great experience so far, the delivery ruined everything.

5.  Fixing my mattress: In came like in a Purple, beautiful, plastic cylinder. Unwrapping it was easy and all I had to do is cut the plastic to cut it lose. Mattress was ready in 5 minutes. Rating: 10/10

6.  Additional services: I also ordered Purple sheets. They came in a beautiful box that I did not want to throw away. Rating: 10/10

Product: 10/10

You know I told you I was convinced of getting this mattress 15 minutes after watching that marketing video? Well… it is what it is. Comfortable, not too hard or soft. Just perfect! I feel how the mattress adjusts perfectly to my body. I’ve had two nights sleep on it and I am very impressed.

Overall experience: 9/10

Moral of this story: if you know it might be difficult to deliver something on time, because of the timing, or whatever reason… make a promise you can keep. It is understandable. But a little thing like being late can ruin the excellent experience you had.

Hope I’m not being too hard with this rating.