I believe in sharing knowledge.

A different point of view is always an eye-opener. Nothing is 100% true, nothing is eternal. It’s very natural to protect your beliefs. It’s so much more challenging to change your opinion. Sharing my thoughts helps me do exactly that.

This is everything meaningful I wrote, to date. I will be updating it as I go along. I like it to help others, but this will serve me as well. Perspectives are constantly evolving. I like revisiting them and seeing if anything’s changed.

Customer Success

Focusing on CHURN as the main KPI for Customer Success Managers is a HUGE MISTAKE

Customer Success Managers should NEVER sell

NEVER open a new office with JUST a sales team

Who should the Customer Success leader report to?

When was the last time your Product team met your customers?


AT LEAST 30% of all your hiring time should be OPPORTUNISTIC.