Dear New CSM, . . .

It’s been over 4 years since I played a role of a new #customersuccess manager.

💫 I learned a lot in this past years but what I learned in my early stage of being a CSM is priceless.

📍I used to wake up early to do mock calls, record myself, make changes in my script prior to Customer trainings

📍I used to shadow as many calls as I can and learn about different verbiage that other #CSM uses BUT,

💫 There are many lessons that I’ve learned hard ways such as learning to say NO and understanding thier pain more than thier wants and needs!

👉🏽I have had many reached out recently asking for my guidance and advices for providing new CSM & for breaking into CS So here are some tips for a baby CSM (as my good friend Rasika Kelkar would define them) based on my NEW CSM days experiences!!

#cs pros out there—> What else would you add?

#baby CSM–> does this help?