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    1. This group is for all current, previous and potential future students.
    2. This is a mutual support group for the students, to discuss the material, encourage each other and generally share the journey.
    3. Treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural but be kind and do not make personal attacks. Hate speech and bullying will lead to an immediate ban.
    4. Spam, advertising, fundraising and referral links are not permitted; if you are unsure about posting a link, ask the admin. Anyone who blocks admin will automatically be removed.
    5. Do not post copyright material, test/quiz questions or solutions. If you want to post something your tutor has provided you with, you should seek explicit permission first. Personal details of tutors should not be mentioned; if you need to refer to a specific tutor, use initials only.
    6. If you experience any problems or issues, reach out to site admin via helpdesk widget or directly via email
    7. For module-specific groups only:
      • Please only discuss Test scores on the specific thread which will be posted by the admin. Do not share actual or planned answers.
      • General discussion around the themes of an assignment question is allowable, but no discussion of planned or actual answers
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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