Free Practical CSM Framework

Download our Free Practical CSM Framework PDF. The Practical CSM Framework divides the CSM’s core duties and responsibilities into seven phases, contained within three stages.

Author: Rick Adams

Year: 2019

Practical CSM Framework

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

Sir Isaac Newton 1642 – 1727

It makes no sense to reinvent the wheel, as doing so is both painful and time consuming, and can also lead to mistakes being made that will cause the overall quality of output to drop alongside the obvious reduction in quantity of output.

The purpose of the Practical CSM Framework is to provide simple to follow and highly practical, step-by-step guidance for CSMs to follow. Following this guidance enables CSMs to perform all of the essential tasks shared by the majority of CSMs in a way that ensures consistency of end results for customers as well as increasing each CSM’s own productivity levels and reducing problems arising from errors and/or omissions.

What is more, the Practical CSM Framework is COMPLETELY FREE TO USE

Three Stages and Seven Phases

The Practical CSM Framework divides the CSM’s core duties and responsibilities into seven phases, contained within three stages

Overview of the Practical CSM Framework


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Practical Guidance Within Each Phase

Within each phase, the CSM will find a list of tasks to accomplish, together with practical, step-by-step help and advice for actions to take to perform all of the tasks needed to successfully complete the phase.

Fully Customizable to Fit Your Requirements

Every organization is unique, and the Practical CSM Framework was designed with this in mind. The purpose of the framework is not to dictate to your company what tasks to do or what actions to perform. Rather, it is there to provide structure and guidance for you and your team to develop it’s own best practices.

Using the Pareto Principle (ie the 80/20 rule), you can immediately apply the majority of the framework directly, and customize any aspects of it that are necessary to make it fit your specific needs.

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