Hard Skills vs Soft Skills 💫 . . .

Being in the Customer Success Profession we hear a lot about this! 👀

In the past few months of my networking, I have had many come to me asking about “…What are some of the skills I should learn or hone into for my new role in CS”

My answer to them is always,

There are skills that can be taught & there are skills that can only be coached on!

🤔 So how should you learn these skills?

🛠 Hard Skills

👉🏽 Sign up for an online class

📍Practical CSM , SuccessHACKER – CS Courses & certs

📍 Udemy , LinkedIn Learning ⋅ Course Certificate, Coursera– CS related Courses

👉🏽 Learn skills through internet, in person teaching sessions, etc

📍 Watch videos, workshops off of YouTube

📍Explore in your network to learn together

❤Soft Skills

👉🏽 Practice in your day-to-day

📍Start articulating empathy, Self awareness in your daily practices

📍Make yourself a habit of enhancing one skill at a time by reviewing & learning from resources around you

👉🏽Participate in workshops & webinars

📍 Make a note of little habits of presenters

📍Take advantage of your network, ask for guidance & start making changes

What else would you add?