I joined AppsFlyer as employee number seven. For context, today we are approaching 200. It was a much smaller company, and we all wore many hats. I was our first Customer Success Manager and was our entire Support Engineering team. As demand for our solutions skyrocketed, we had to quickly scale our capabilities and grow our team. As we scaled, I set two objectives for my team. The first, was to consistently deliver first-class customer success and support. The second, and more rewarding objective, was to maintain the unique blend of personal/employee ownership of each account, and all-around-fun atmosphere that defined the early team.

Like most entrepreneurs, I made a few mistakes and learned a lot along the way. Growing from a team of 2 to a team of 50 has been quite the ride. It’s been a labor of love, laughs and learning.

Here are a few things that were fundamental to our success:

Keep Your Start-Up Culture Despite Growth
There is an energy when you walk in the door at the start of the week. People aren’t just saying good morning over coffee, they are catching up with friends. You don’t see a global team meeting where people aren’t making funny faces at the camera while we get started. Heck, we have a real-life version of our company mascot that attends random company events. We work hard. And we have a great time doing it.

A Product That Delivers
I’m not in sales, but I love our product and I really love showing it to new clients. To put it simply, it works. We solve a real pain for mobile marketers. There is nothing like talking to a mobile marketer who is struggling with attribution or marketing numbers that just don’t add up, or an attribution provider that makes them jump through hoops. That moment when they “get it”, when they grasp the strength of our platform, it’s magic. For me, it’s an incredible rush. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Amazing Customers
Usually, only lame corporations that brag about how great their customers are. But I can honestly say, that I have many of the best customers in the world. Their questions and feedback have helped shape our product and our progress, fueling our growth. Their referrals have brought in thousands of new customers and partners. Whether it’s in Beijing or Dusseldorf, San Francisco or Barcelona, every customer I meet has their own story to tell. I have learned a great deal, and made new friends in every corner of the world. And for this, I am truly thankful.

The Right Positions
On a daily basis, I recruit and interview for customer facing positions – both customer success managers and customer support engineers. My team is very special to me, and we are selective about bringing in the right candidates. These are great jobs for entry-level talent that are hungry for innovation and really want to make their mark. The experience you can gain is unparalleled. The growth opportunities are fantastic. Some of our first hires have advanced to new positions across the company, from serving as our first 100% customer-focussed product manager, to coordinating our business processes across teams and countries.

The Ideal Candidate Profile
The AppsFlyer team in general, and my teams in particular have been blessed with a very low turnover rate. This doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s not just because we are the “hot” company to work for right now. It’s because we have built a strong sense of identity, and bringing in the right candidates. Over time, I have collected a series of attributes I strive to embody, and look for in others. These include:

  • Hire better than your last hire. (Jeff Bezos)
  • Hire someone you’re willing to work for. (Mark Zuckerberg)
  • Hire passionate people. This is one of the first things I look for. Passion for the role, passion for working with us, passion for the goal, and a passion for life. This is an energetic team, and I want people who share this enthusiasm.
  • Look for people with a record of getting promotions in previous positions. This is a great indicator of energy, enthusiasm and a growth-oriented mindset.
  • Hire people who think differently. I am privileged to lead an incredibly diverse team, with strong gender, ethnic and global diversity. When combined with our culture of collaboration, this array of backgrounds and experiences creates a symphony of opinion and opportunity, particularly when it comes to creative thinking and solving business challenges.
  • All in. This is a big one. This means commitment. This means doing what needs to be done. This means taking personal responsibility. This means thinking big, thinking a step ahead, and seeing your ideas through. Don’t just sign on. Be. All. In.

Real People, Real Leaders
One of the greatest advantages of AppsFlyer, is that we are big enough to be a real business, but have not adopted a corporate mentality. This starts with our co-founders who sit right beside us and share the same table at lunch, and extends to everything we do. There are no silos, no my team versus your team, and little formalized hierarchy. Everyone on my team has an official “boss” that they can turn to for advice, but everyone is also expected to lead. Whether this is starting or creating a new initiative, or taking ownership of a new territory, nobody sits on the sidelines. And when it’s time to celebrate a new milestone, everyone is part of the celebration. For example, just over a month ago our CEO announced that we had reached a new threshold in our growth. And we celebrated by giving every employee a night for two at a five-star hotel.

The Support You Need To Succeed
There is no idea too big and no roadblock too wide to stand in the way of our growth. I regularly engage with every member of my team in every office around the world to make sure they have whatever they need to be successful. Whether this means pushing IT for a different technical setup, working with someone to tackle a tricky business challenge, or engaging our fantastic HR team to create a new position, my focus as a leader is on supporting my teams. Because when the team sees that I have their back, they gain the confidence to focus on the road ahead.

Please check out some of the amazing positions we have open (here are a few of my favorites). And if you’re ready for the ride of a lifetime, let’s talk.

Don’t forget to buckle up. This is going to be fun.