Finland, here we come! Words I never thought I would say about myself. Copenhagen is my home, Copenhagen is me, I am part of it. But it is happening nonetheless: in about 10 days, the whole family is relocating to Helsinki, as my better half found her dreamjob and will work hard on saving the health of the Baltic Sea. What better chance to take.

That makes that I am right now in the middle of saying a way too early “goodbye for now” to my dear colleagues at Actimo. A small but great band of dedicated people, believing in that simple premise of helping organisations communicate easier with their mobile-first/non-desk employees.

I had counted on being here for a long time to come, and help build this, but life happened, and I am off for now. Sort of, as I will stay connected as a Partner Ambassador, and most likely will help out on occasion. This is just too good to just let go easily!

It’s been the best learning experience I have had in my career, despite only covering 8 months. Finally having a leader who is dedicated to help you get better at what you are doing is absolutely invaluable. Anders, thanks for that!

So, Finland it is! And my road is open: am considering a number of next options, and any thoughts from you – dear network – are most welcome. I would love to meet new people in Helsinki, and if a new position or new ideas come out of that, then even better.

Have a wonderful summer, and I look forward to meeting many interesting people: everyone has a story!

Thank you all in advance for any help, and hope to see you somewhere somehow soon.


P.S. About that milestone from the title: Our genius daughter of almost 2 years made a correct sentence of 4 words this morning. Who cares about lifealtering changes then, right? #proudfather