Like so many of you, I have been traveling for work for the better part of two decades. While I enjoy going to new places, meeting interesting people, eating at nice restaurants and staying at different hotels, I have found that traveling for business is widely misunderstood: To those who don’t go often, it sounds like a vacation with a little responsibility — a break from your regular life, enhanced by free meals, sightseeing, and the opportunity for an out-of-town hook-up with family or friends.

But those who do it often know that work travel is really just work, but with more organization, more fatigue, and more face-to-face meetings.

My goal is to share with you resources, tips, tricks, places and things to make traveling for business more enjoyable, fun and safe.

In this post, I’d to share with you “Women on Their Way” – an Online Resource for Women Business and Leisure Travelers by Wyndham Worldwide.

I’d love to hear from you, please comment with our own tips, strategies and ideas.