How many times have you recommended a Netflix series or movie?

How many times have you shared a Spotify song?

How many times have you talked to someone about the best restaurant you went to and had a great experience?

Personally, I know I’ve done this a thousand times.

The same happens with positive experiences in SaaS.

When a customer has had a great experience with your product, they talk. Sometimes they go out of their way to share their experiences with others, and it is Customer Success’s job to make sure those experiences count.

How does this benefit the Company?

  • It decreases CAC (customer acquisition costs)
  • It creates more leads and opportunities.
  • It makes it easier for customers to choose you over other solutions.

Many companies spend thousands of dollars trying to get leads for their sales reps and not a dime trying to keep their current customers happy.

I’m not saying they’re doing it wrong, but… once the lead comes in… you still need a lot of work to convert them into customers.

I’m saying there is an easier way to shorten those lengthy processes and spend less money to acquire a customer. That is what loyalty programs are for.

Here is an example of a company I believe does a great job with Customer Marketing and I can prove it: Gong.

You probably have heard of Gong before. It is all over LinkedIn. Why do we see Gong everywhere? Because they have found a way to get their customers talking. I’m sure they’re talking because they want to and not because they’re being paid for it.

How do I know? Because I have done the same before.

Here’s an exercise:

Search for Gong on Linkedin, click posts and see what happens:

In fact, here I am talking about Gong myself and I’m not even a customer (yet).

I bet Gong’s CAC is lower than the market average. They’ve done a great job getting their customers talking. Over 3,100 reviews in G2.

I bet they have a whole Customer Marketing team in place, targeting actual customers to get them more… oh boy I was not wrong!

Are you still paying tons of money to get inbound leads?

You’re probably looking in the wrong direction.

Got a cool product that customers love?

Get them talking.

It is the way to go.

Invest in Customer Marketing today, I promise it’s worth it.

That is where the magic happens. Free leads.

Lower CAC, increase ROI.