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The Voice of the CSM by Jon Harris2021-07-14T18:47:58+01:00

The Voice of the CSM

Content curated by Jon Harris

We’ve got lots of zones that discuss how CSMs ought to act, or what CSMs need to be good at, so this Thought Leadership Zone is deliberately different. This Thought Leadership Zone is all about Customer Success Management from the perspective of CSMs themselves. This zone focuses on the needs and desires and perspectives of the working Customer Success Manager and looks at customer success from the inside out.

Our Principal Thought Leader for this slightly different to the average Thought Leadership Zone is Jon Harris. Jon has recently been promoted to a senior directorship role, but prior to his recent promotion he has spent many years as a regular Customer Success Manager, and he definitely knows as well as anyone just what it is really like to work directly with the customer in a Customer Success role.

Your Principal Thought Leader

Jon Harris

Certified Principal Customer Success Manager at Ably

About Jon

A customer obsessed CSM with nearly 10 years experience in the B2B SaaS market.
Highly organised, process driven with a strong work ethic and proven ability to maintain meaningful customer relationships at all levels within an organisation.
Coupled with first class communication skills, I am a self-motivated and confident individual, always looking to improve my skill set ready for the next challenge.

Website: www.ably.com

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