Thank you for visiting this exciting and new site for Customer Success professionals. The Customer Success Hub, organized and hosted by Practical CSM, promises to fill a gap that exists in the community. It will offer an accessible platform for learning, all free, for customer success professionals. All kinds of content will be available from industry-recognized thought leaders each focused on specific aspects of the business of Customer Success. You’re here on this site because you thought you might be interested to see what’s available on the topic of leadership and management.

You won’t be disappointed because I have the intention of making this a very active page and I commit to doing two things: 

1) keeping you up to date with what I feel are the most helpful ideas and trends for leaders of Customer Success, and 

2) adding my take, my commentary, for each piece of content I post here 

Your job is challenging and you might often feel overwhelmed. But the job can also be very rewarding. Building and managing a practice and leading teams that positively affect customers and that show measureable impact to your company’s revenue can be extremely gratifying. But if you’re like me, you always feel there is more to know, more to learn. If that’s true for you, this site will be for you.  

Please visit often as our intention is to update the content continuously and that makes sense given that our business world and our profession, intertwined as they are, are rapidly evolving. Nothing stays static!   

I will leave you with this first piece of content as a sample for what’s to come.

The great French university, INSEAD, recently published an article called, Building and Leading Your Organisation’s Data Capability. You might think at first pass that it applies only to leaders of teams of data analysts or data scientists. But I ask you to think big. Data is for everyone and especially for leaders, it’s ultimately about the value you can deliver in their role. If you think about data as information, it should open up your mind to imagine all kinds of ways you could leverage data (i.e. information) to not just manage your people against what’s already happened. You should be able to leverage data to look ahead and see the possibilities ahead and steer your teams accordingly. 

Please read the article and let me know what you think. Return often to the site because, again, I’ll be regularly posting my own content and articles from a variety of sources.

I hope you enjoy and get value from this site and from the entire platform.